Who are we?

Barbara Fanti and Caterina Cecconelli are two Italian artisans who have been producing objects in ceramic and glass, both arts of fire, in the laboratory of Sasso Marconi, between Florence and Venice, in Italy.


They decided to collaborate by combining their different skills and experiences to work together and create Terres et verre, a project to enhance their craftsmanship full of creativity and emotions, in the Tourettes sur Loup boutique, on the French Riviera, in the hills above Cannes.

Clay and Glass are natural materials that offer a dialogue with life itself through their transformation: colors, shapes and reflections meet with balance along a path that has no end.

“Starting from glass plates and clay loaves, our hands transform the raw material and, thanks to magic of the oven, with cooking at various temperatures and the fantasy of various colors, we obtain unique and unrepeatable objects.

Each piece is distinct in shape, size and color. Each ring, each earring, each bracelet, each necklace is like a dress to wear: every day in a different color, as if it were a game.

Our jewelry are mounted with leather or fabric cords and with hypoallergenic metals, inside our artisan laboratory..

The design of our jewelry is modern and distinctive for imaginative, playful and lively people.”